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Who is TreeHouse?


Who is TreeHouse?

Our network is huge. It is important to us to collaborate and include our community in the change we'd like to see in that same community. However we have a core super team of creative and innovative design enthusiasts that want to make making our world better their 9-5. Meet the team. 


Matt JOnes / the brain

As a child I never considered myself special. I didn’t come from money. I never had everything I needed. What I did have was an amazing support system and parents that pushed me to be the best I could. As a child I always seemed to excel creatively.  I was constantly being asked to draw or paint something. It seemed everyone could see my potential but me. All I wanted to do was read comic books, play video games and look at Eastbay Magazines. It was because someone believed in me and nurtured my gift, that I was able to go to from someone who didn’t see the potential in himself, to getting a job in my field on the day that I graduated from The Art Institute of Washington. (BFA) I was able to do things and go places I never imagined I would. This includes starting my own company with the help of my best friend. People saw my potential and invested in me. My mission is to do all I can to provide that same support and more to any and every child who has ever never quite been able to see their true potential.

Jovan nash / the eyes

You know, it's very simple. The ultimate goal for myself; The ultimate goal in my life and my calling from the dawn of time as a youth til now it's to be able to create. With that creation I want to spread knowledge and spark change in the world. We are always learning. I'm always willing to spread this knowledge in order to figure out new things and grow as people. Working with my hands, turning multiple items into the grand idea is an amazing concept I strive for with everything I do. Giving back is not a chore it's a necessity. Not to mention doing it all with a smile on my face! 


whitney ingram / the hands

Discussing who I am as an artist is very emotional for me. I have never comfortably identified myself as an artist,but then again what else do you call someone who has immersed their life in creativity. When I was 3 years old my sister taught me how to draw. As my first art teacher I always trusted her opinion before I even trusted my actual art teachers. They taught me the “rules” and she taught me the most important purpose of art: You are your first audience so create that which makes you happy. In 2009 she passed away and had she not guided me on my artistic journey I would have had no way to cope in a healthy way. I thank her every time someone compliments my work. Through humor, imagination, and the power of a can-do attitude I’ve collaborated mentally with my charitable upbringing to be the light I want to see at the end of the tunnel. Though photography is my specialized medium I will never niche myself. Drawing, sculpture, ceramics, music, I love it all. There is no better feeling than the feeling you get right after your hope was validated. What’s the word for that?? Satisfaction?? Well whatever you call it that is the feeling I get when I have helped someone feel hope. Hope is charitable. I use my artistic background to encourage those around me to challenge normality. No matter what I do I want to have fun.


Who is Danielle Moody? As most twenty-somethings, I still don’t know. Everyday is a new step in the journey. I find myself happiest when I’m making others laugh. Outside of my amateur comedic dreams, I work to further enhance the development of children. In TreeHouse, I work to keep us moving forward. Whether it be managing accounts, recording details, setting deadlines. I take our ideas and create a plan to accomplish them. I’m constantly taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy. Word to Ms. Frizzle. I love finding new ways to express myself creatively and sharing my experiences with others. At the end of the day I'm just trying to live my life like a black 90’s sitcom.


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