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What is TreeHouse?

What is TreeHouse?

What was the one thing every child either had or wanted desperately? Where was the place that you would've kept the things that made you who you are? Your comic books, slingshots, and maybe even some unmentionable literature? TreeHouse is a metaphor for your enitre self. You are your TreeHouse. The ladder is a metaphor for how you reach your greatest potential and self awareness. TreeHouse DMV is a multi-dimensional outlet for like minded individuals to both serve their community and express themselves creatively. Through art and design TreeHouse seeks to be a Positive, Purposeful, and Perceptive artistic stimulus for those who think themselves incapable. This collective is composed of artists from different walks and backgrounds all raised in the DMV. (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) This is where we aspire to affect change. Because this tri-state gave us so much, we want to give back. In order to do this we utilize TreeHouse as a base to structure our three main branches.


Treehouse DMV

TreeHouse is not a clothing company. We do however realize that clothing can be a powerful medium for to spreading an important message. More importantly, It can help fund the change you want to see in your community. TreeHouse DMV is a community brand that utilizes art to influence and inspire creativity. We utilize clothing as a fundraiser to power our operations. We hope that you partner with us in this mission to revitalize art and creativity in the areas that need it most. Simply put, if you ike the things we do, or would like to make the things we aspire to do possible, supporting our TreeHouse store and brand is the best way to do it.


Juliana's TreeHouse

Juliana's TreeHouse is a community outreach initiative that utilizes strategies such as community sharing, finanical donations, and an online thrift store in order to serve those that need it the most. Whether it be food and clothes for the homeless or children who need supplies for school, Juliana's TreeHouse is always open.


TreeHouse tv

TreeHouse TV is an online channel composed of a variety of shows and documetaries that highlight all of the amazing things that the DMV has to offer! TreeHouse TV is a way to enter the minds of the team behind Treehouse DMV and a chance for us to connect to our audience.