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Treehouse Goes to Blerdcon “18

Matthew Jones

This past weekend we attended Blerdcon 2018. It interesting experience for sure. We never know what to expect from these things and we were excited to see familiar faces representing the DMV blerd. Since we went on Sunday we didn’t think we got the full experience of the con, but we still had fun nonetheless. We met a lot of talented people, saw some very insightful panels, and did what we do best- played some old school arcade games. Shout out to those who are doing their part to create a space for black voices within “nerd culture”! Check out both slideshows, one about the convention aaand one of just people we saw/stuff we did, to get a sense of what Blerdcon is all about. Hopefully we'll see ya'll there next year! 


Treehouse Travels: 29Rooms Brooklyn,NY

Matthew Jones

Yo! So this weekend I took a day trip up to New York to attend 29Rooms hosted by Refinery29. This being the third year of the event I was definitely not about to miss it again like with the previous two. Joining me on this excursion was one my best friends and favorite fashion blogger’s, Shakita. A lot of people know her for her blog Vintage Loca.  She was my model for the day and amidst the craziness of each packed room we managed to take some pretty fun pics! I don’t want to speak on her behalf so you’ll have to check back on her site for her take on the event :) Since there’s more imagery to look through I’m gonna just keep the writing short. 

What exactly was this event?

Refinery29 used a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York as a space for 29 pop-up rooms as well as art installations. Some were sponsored by brands (Aldo, Dunkin Donuts, Juicy Couture,and Ulta were the ones I remember). Some made political statements (I wrote my senator in one room as well as stood with Planned Parenthood in another). Some were interactive/ sensory driven. And some were just straight up Instagram filler if I’m being totally honest. 

Fun Times?

Yeah I’d say it was pretty fun! The tickets were sold in time slots and ours was from 11-2. I’d say that was plenty of time to experience the event and be satisfied, but not enough time to experience each room. We got to least 21 out of the 29. Kind of a bummer, but I’m not losing sleep over it. My favorite room was an installation where you can wear headphones playing music and enjoy a silent party while standing in disco ball Heaven. 

I do wish that the sponsored rooms were instead occupied by more artists. It’s New York. One thing there is not a shortage of are artists. Who knows perhaps next year we’ll see more amazing creations from more talented artists around the country. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll be going to the next 29Rooms and I can’t wait to see what will be in store!


Off-White x NIKE Collection New York release

Matthew Jones

Welcome to SOHO for all the hipsters! Actually, this was a really good experience driving through SOHO during Fashion Week was a crazy seeing all the fly people just walking around like it's normal. I was in New York for one reason and one reason only to come to see the Off-White x NIKE collaboration and with this brought a lot of different things. We walk up to the Nike lab store and the first thing you see is a group of resellers "how much you want?" "What you got?"  "What you going to pick up?" "I'm trying to buy!" "What size?" We walk up to the NIKE rep my friend shows his phone and ID ready to pick up his Prestos. The NIKE rep points us to a separate line from the one everyone waiting for their chance to get in to just look at the transformed NIKE Lab store. NIKE rep signals us to go in! When you walk in it feels like you're in a warehouse but at the same time you are in a Virgil Abloh's studio all 10 pairs of shoes from the collection are lined up on shelves and all the walls are covered with photos of the shoes with Virgil at work designing. It's just amazing as you walk around to in the middle of the store and get met by a huge mirror, a table made of NIKE boxes filled with books he would have in his studio and comfy seats are made out of foam that looks like stone. Just an awesome experience all around! Really crazy to get my hands on and feel this collection pure quality from every shoe. I will be sure to save my Lunch Money for the actual release in November. I will definitely be going back to NIKE lab store for the next collaboration!

-Señor Nash